NEW: Infiniium V-Series Oscilloscope


NEW: Keysight DSOV334A Infiniium V-Series Oscilloscope

Keysight’s InfiniiVision V-Series are the best-in-class signal integrity real-time oscilloscopes in the industry, delivering the most margin for your design validation. They are ideal for spectral analysis of transients and wideband RF applications.

World’s leading real-time oscilloscope

  • Industry’s most accurate 33 GHz true analog bandwidth
  • 80 GSa/s sample rate 2 channels / 40 GSa/s sample rate 4 channels
  • Industry deepest memory with up to 2 Gpts memory (50 Mpts per channel standard on DSO models)
  • Industry longest 160-bit, 12.5 Gb/s hardware serial trigger

The best-in-class signal integrity real-time oscilloscope

  • Industry’s lowest noise floor (2.10 mVrms at 33 GHz at 50 mV/div)
  • Lowest jitter measurement floor (
  • Highest Effective Number Of Bits (ENOB) values in excess of 5.5
  • Spurious Frequency Dynamic Range (SFDR) exceeding 50 dBC

Industry’s highest-fidelity 30 GHz probing system for measurement accuracy

  • Easy, high bandwidth probing with InfiniiMode for differential, single-ended and common mode using a single probe tip
  • Fully-customized probe amplifier S-parameter characteristics provide accurate probe correction for each individual probe amplifier
  • Industry’s first bandwidth-upgradeable probes mean you will be prepared for your evolving probing needs
  • PrecisionProbe allows you to quickly characterize any probes or cables with just your oscilloscope

Industry’s most comprehensive application-specific measurement software

  • Broadest range of jitter, trigger, analysis and protocol tools (featuring PrecisionProbe)
  • Pre-built compliance testing software based on the expertise of our engineers on the standards committees, with the added flexibility of user-defined application add-on capability
  • Support for emerging technologies including USB 3.1, PCI Express Gen 3, LPDDR4, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, 100G Ethernet, 10GBase-KR, MIPI, SAS 12G, SATA 6G and more
  • MATLAB® software available directly from Keysight for making your own custom measurement and analysis routines, user-defined filters or instrument applications

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