Non-invasive treatment for non-Melanoma
Skin Cancer using superficial radiotherapy

• Clinically proven 95-98% cure rates.

• Treating skin cancer patients with the SRT-100™ is much safer, simpler, faster, and cost-effective.

• The SRT-100™ is compact (30”x30” base), mobile, plugs into a standard wall socket, and can be used in any standard treatment room.

• Safe & Non-Invasive, virtually pain free, no scarring or defects, and uninterrupted patient lifestyle.

• We have sold 100 SRT-100™ systems worldwide and have treated 7,000+ patients with excellent clinical results.

Sensus Healthcare is focused on making proven non-melanoma skin cancer solutions more accessible to patients. Our dedicated superficial radiation therapy (SRT) systems are designed specifically to provide an alternative to surgical procedures for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.


Available on the GSA schedule