Optiview XG – Fluke Networks


The network engineer’s fastest way to see root cause.

Its unique troubleshooting system is based on proactive analysis, path analysis, and application-centric analysis, which provides expert guidance that automatically identifies the root cause of problems. It’s at home in the data center with support for 10 GbE and virtualized servers; at the users’ office supporting 802.11n and application analysis; and with the switches and routers in between. Use it to find problems from your desk or take it – with the data it has collected – to the trouble spot for first-hand analysis.

  • Form factor providing automated analysis for 10/100 Mbps, 1/10 Gbps and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs
  • Integrated with AirMagnet wireless tools. See more
  • Intuitive user interface with smart navigation and built-in guided problem solving.
  • Application-centric analysis for a high level view of network application health
  • Automated diagnostics and granular data to solve problems before they escalate
  • Detailed, fast Network Discovery for instant visibility of what’s out there and where it’s connected in minutes

Available on the GSA schedule GSAmart.com